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blue door Plaza Luna Suites hotel galapagos

As one of the pioneer family in Galapagos, the Vargas family has been in the Galapagos islands for over 65 years.

Hortencio and Blanquita Vargas arrived to the Galapagos islands in the early 1950’s. Señor Vargas worked as a police officer at the penal colony on the island of Isabella.

In the late 1950’s the family moved to the island of Santa Cruz. They built a farm and ranch in the highlands and a house on the coast, in the town of Puerto Ayora.

After the untimely death of Señor Vargas, Señora Blanquita became the head of the house. She was known for her generosity, her commitment to the community and her strength, having to raise 8 children on her own while running the farm and ranch. All 8 children went to college and are now respected members in their chosen fields of dentistry, ornothology, law, business, accounting, and tourism.

blue door Plaza Luna Suites hotel galapagos

In 2008, after the death of their mother. Dalila and Wilma Vargas took over the family property. They wanted to create a something that showcased their love of Galapagos, their commitment to the local community and to honor their mother. And so, the hotel was born.

Over the years the property has had many incarnations, family home, boarding house and restaurant . The most recent being a small hotel. The original house at the coast was small and filled with love. Señora Blanquita welcomed anyone and everyone to pass through her blue front door.

The same blue door now hangs in the courtyard at the hotel, next to the plumeria tree which is the last surviving plant from the original home. The door became a symbol of the Vargas family’s generosity and hospitality.

Plaza Luna Suites a Boutique Hotel is built with love and serves as continuing legacy of warmth and hospitality of the Vargas family.

blue door Plaza Luna Suites hotel galapagos

We are a small boutique hotel, offering 13 comfortable rooms and personal service. Breakfast is provided daily on the rooftop terrace. Filtered water is available in front of the reception. Coffee and tea are available 24/7 on the rooftop terrace.

Each room has a tv, small refrigerator, small water pitcher and glasses, free wifi, hairdryers, comfortable beds and bedding, air-conditioning and ceiling fans.

We are proud to use local products and support local businesses. Our breakfasts are locally sourced from growers on the island and our coffee is organically grown and processed just up the road in Bella Vista by a family friend.

We also strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible, such as discouraging single use plastic bottle by encouraging the use of our purified water stations to refill water bottles.

A portion of every booking is donated to local organizations and charities.

We are here to help make your trip as easy and enjoyable as possible.

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social area Plaza Luna Suites
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Rooftop Bar
Letter from the Owners

Galapagos is our home and we are looking forward to sharing it with you. As the daughters of pioneer parents we are very proud to have the opportunity to carry on our mother’s legacy of hospitality. We created the hotel as a place for visitors to experience the wonders of Galapagos and we hope you feel at home when you stay with us.

Meet Our Team

Dalila Vargas

Entrepreneur Guide

Founder/Owner Plaza Luna Suites

Wilma Vargas

Legal Representative



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